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Photos of us taking the 1969 Woodstock Festival Fence and transforming it into these beautiful life long lasting pendants:

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James Alexy
Founder of
We got some of the original Woodstock festival 69 fence.  We first pull the wire from the fence. We then straiten out the wire from the fence so it can be formed into parts.


Cornelius Alexy Cornelius Alexy
rounder6 bendr7
Designed Pendants in 1993
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We use tools and machines to cut the wire, and bend it to the proper shapes.


weld3 welder2

We weld the pendants with an exhaust system because the galvanized rust proof coating on the wire produces toxic fumes when burned.


James Alexy
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The Woodstock Peace pendants are then polished and cleaned in a tumbler, and coated with a protective lacquer coating.



Photos of authentic finished Woodstock Festival 1969 Fence Peace pendants.  Actual size is 2” diameter.  They are usually used as key rings or necklaces.  Each collector’s pendant is shipped with a certificate of authenticity.  


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