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Original 1969 Woodstock Festival Photos

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All pictures shown are authentic, and taken at the original '69 Woodstock Festival.  The fence can be seen in most of the photos.  All of our pendants are made from the original Woodstock fence.

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woodstockpictureair69Whole woodstockfestival69map
1969 Woodstock Festival, Bethel NY Map of 1969 Woodstock Festival site.  Dotted lines show location of chain link fence.  James Alexy later lived in house in middle of cornfield.


woodstockconcertstagefence69 woodstockfestivalfenceafterconcert
This picture shows the main stage being built, the week before the festival.  All is quiet. Woodstock Festival Site after 1969 Concert, some fence remains.  Center of photo is present location of monument, 1969 stage was down hill to left. 


happyavevwbugwoodstockfestival69 revolutionaryliteraturewood
Traffic jam 2 miles from the concert site, even the police cars could not go anywhere.  Many came in Volkswagens. A section of fence that did not fall, at Woodstock 1969


Two naked hippies trying to find a hole in the fence Your peace sign could be from a piece of fence in this original 69 photo


woodstockconcertsmokeboothpeace woodstockpicturemainfieldafterconcert
Wavy Gravy’s Hog Farm area, near where “…breakfast in bed for 400,000” was served Looking north along Hurd Road.


woodstockmainstage69 twomuddyhippieswoodstock1969
Main stage area during concert from West Shore and Hurd Rd, Bethel Woodstock mud sliders after 2 days of rain


bethelpilgrimssmokegrassandlsdtogroove wodstockfestival69airplanephoto
New York Times Article describing how wood stockers smoke grass (marijuana) to get stoned.  Some took other drugs like LSD and speed, along with other things that are dropped, popped, toked, or sniffed. 1969 Woodstock festival backstage area and crowd (West Shore Rd.)


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